Graduate Program Overview

Information for Prospective Students

The Department of Physics and Astronomy no longer requires the GRE or Physics GRE. International applicants should contact regarding pre-applications and TOEFL issues.

Applicants to the Master's of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs are expected to have at least a B.S./B.A. in physics or related field. The degree requirements are listed in the graduate handbook. A short description of our courses is contained in the Graduate School Catalog. More information about UNH in general and the department can be found in our listing at

We encourage prospective students to contact for specific information that is not on our web pages. If you already have a particular interest in one of our research programs, we can have a faculty member who works in that area get in touch with you. Campus visits are encouraged; please contact if you are interested.

The department and college support all incoming Ph.D. students in their first year in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships or fellowships, unless students are externally funded. After the first year, Ph.D. students in good academic standing continue to be financially supported. Summer support is widely available. It is expected that students find a research advisor during the first year; the departments facilitates this process through the first year seminar. Every Ph.D. student in good academic standing has found a research home. However, the department cannot guarantee that a Ph.D. can be completed in a specific field or with a specific advisor.   

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are submitted through the Graduate School.  For students entering the program in the following fall, application review starts on January 15 and continues until the department's admission goals are met. For specific questions contact

International Students 

International students should submit a pre-application.  The pre-application requires no fee and less material than a full application.  We strive to reply with a recommendation within 2 weeks. We either encourage to submit a full application (in which case we waive the application fee) or discourage application for specific reasons. A recommendation to apply in response to a pre-application is not a guarantee of getting accepted admission into the program.

Graduate Degrees

Our department offers two graduate degrees:

In addition, we offer a

Answers to questions frequently asked by prospective students may be found on our FAQ page.

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