The physics 800 level electives are Optics (808), Introduction to Modern Astrophysics (810), Introduction to Space Plasma Physics (812), Introduction to Solid State Physics (818), Nuclear Physics (820), Advanced Scientific Computing (854), (offered through the Math Department), and Cosmology & General Relativity (864).

The graduate physics 900 level electives are Plasma Physics (951), Magnetohydrodynamics of the Heliosphere (953), Heliospheric and Galactic Physics (954), Advanced Quantum Mechanics I and II (961-2), Advanced Solid State Physics (965), Magnetospheres (987) and High Energy Astrophysics (988). Students may also take 800 or 900 level courses in other departments if they are applicable to physics (see the graduate advisor). Depending on the needs in the research programs and availability of faculty, other special topics may be offered under Physics 995.

Students should consult their Thesis Advisor about which electives are necessary for their thesis work. Some electives should also be taken to give a student a broader physics background.