Honors in Major

  1. There is no formal application for honors-in-major for the Physics Department. However, see below for the paperwork that needs to be done for each honors course and at the beginning of the semester you intend to graduate.
  2. Students are required to maintain an overall grade-point average of 3.20 and a 3.20 gradepoint average in major coursework.
  3. Students must successfully complete three honors courses. For physics majors, honors courses will consist of 700-level or, with the approval of the graduate school, 800-level courses in physics, math, and engineering.

    For engineering physics majors, honors courses will consist of 600-level or 700-level or, with the approval of the graduate school, 800-level courses in physics, math, or engineering.

    To make a regular physics course an honors course, you need to do the following:

    1. Talk with the professor of the course and come to agreement about the extra work required (both what you will do and the time expectations). Possible activities include the following:
      1. Find an interesting, relevant and accessible journal article (e.g., American Journal of Physics ) to read and work through carefully.
      2. Do a numerical study on a relevant topic.
      3. Read, work through, and present a chapter or section in the text that would otherwise not be covered.
      4. Work some of the harder problems in the text.
      5. Explore more thoroughly relevant mathematical tools.
      6. Lead study groups for other students in the class.
      7. Explore in detail a topic that links together two classes (e.g. Differential equations and classical mechanics).
    2. Fill out an Honors Designation Form by the third Friday of the semester, and get it signed by both the course instructor and the Physics Honors Liasion (see below for current liasion)
  4. For physics majors: Students must successfully complete PHYS 799H Thesis (4 credits). This requirement involves an experimental or theoretical study of a topic approved and supervised by a physics department faculty member. Students will submit a written thesis upon the completion of their research. Students may also wish to take 4 credits of PHYS 795H independent study the semester before PHYS 799H in order to do more research related to the same physics topic. In this case, they may reduce the number of their other honors courses (see Requirement #2) to two.

    For engineering physics majors: Students must successfully complete PHYS 797 (4 credits), including a written project report.

  5. At the beginning of your last semester here, fill out the Certification of Completion of Honors Program Requirements and get signatures from the Physics Honors Liasion and the Honors Program.

Certification of Completion of Honors Program Requirements

For more details of the honors program, please visit University Honors program

University Honors program