The Department of Chemistry is the only department that has existed for the entire history of UNH; we have a long-standing tradition of achievement in the molecular sciences. Our vision for the future is not confined by the traditions of the past. We work to combine approaches and interface with other disciplines where interesting chemical questions exist. Our continuing commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the multifaceted research themes of the Department:

Analytical Methods & Methods Development (AM&MD)

This research effort develops tools and methods to analyze, characterize, manipulate, and sense molecules, ions, and small particles, especially as related to toxins, environmental species, and materials.

Bio-inspired Chemistry and Chemical Biology (BIO)

In these areas, expertise from inorganic/organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry are applied to biological systems at the molecular and macromolecular levels as well as in whole cells.

Chemistry Education Research (CER)

We are one of the few Chemistry Departments in which multiple faculty members perform Chemistry Education Research—combining disciplinary expertise with methodologies/models from education, the learning sciences, and psychology to better understand and improve chemistry teaching and learning.

Energy & Environmental Science (EN&ENV)

These areas make use of synthetic, physical, and analytical chemistry to molecularly harness energy from sunlight and to probe/sense trace species in, and potential chemical threats to, the environment.

Macromolecules, Materials & Nanoscience (MM&N)

Materials-related research is very strong in our Department, and it encompasses a diverse range of projects, including molecular materials, nanomaterials, computational chemistry, surface chemistry, colloids, and polymers.

Our Faculty

The diverse research interests of our faculty do not permit their easy classification in to the traditional areas of Chemistry.  However, they are listed here in a matrix representing the spectrum of department research, with traditional classification indicated by a (T) and interdisciplinary research interest indicated by an (I).

Faculty Member Analytical Inorganic Organic Physical AM&MD BIO CER EN&ENV MM&N
Christopher Bauer I           T    
Erik Berda     I           T
Marc Boudreau     I     T      
Christine Caputo   I           T  
Anyin Li I       T     T T
Gonghu Li       I       T T
Glen Miller     I         T T
Nate Oldenhuis     T     T   I T
Roy Planalp   I     I T   T  
John Tsavalas       I T       T
Charles Zercher     I     T