Glen Miller

Department Chair and Professor, Chemistry

Glen Miller

Glen P. Miller is a Professor of Chemistry and Materials Science at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and is currently serving as Chair of the Chemistry Department there. He is a former Director of the Materials Science Program and former Associate Director of the NSF funded Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing (CHN) at UNH. He is an authority in the areas of fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, graphene, acenes and other novel organic semiconductors. His group has successfully synthesized and characterized many nanostructures and organic compounds including C3v symmetric C60H18, bis and tris-[60]fullerene adducts of large acenes, hydrogenated SWNTs, fullerene nanotubes (a.k.a., fullerene nanowhiskers), photooxidatively and thermally resistant pentacene derivatives, a water soluble pentacene derivative, exceptionally persistent heptacene and nonacene derivatives, and starphenes. He also developed a tip-based nanopatterning technique called FAN (Field-Assisted Nanopatterning) that has been demonstrated on organic compounds, polymers, fullerenes, metals, salts and nanoparticles. In addition to his research activities, Glen Miller directed nanotechnology outreach activities for New Hampshire's K-16 teachers and students including an annual Nanotechnology K-12 Teachers Conference, the development of laboratory experiments for K-12 students, plus nanotech REU and RET programs.

Phone: (603) 862-4816


  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, Clarkson University
  • B.S.Chem., Chemistry, Clarkson University

Courses Taught

  • CHEM 546: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 549/653: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 651: Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 652: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 652/652A: Organic Chemistry II
  • CHEM 653: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 654: Organic Chemistry Laboratory
  • CHEM 696: Independent Study
  • CHEM 802: Critical and Creative Thinking

Selected Publications

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Pan, H., Wu, Y. -C., Adams, G. G., Miller, G. P., & McGruer, N. E. (2013). Interfacial shear stress between single-walled carbon nanotubes and gold surfaces with and without an alkanethiol monolayer. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 407, 133-139. doi:10.1016/j.jcis.2013.06.021

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