Undergraduate Program

Our undergraduate program offers a BS in Electrical Engineering and a BS in Computer Engineering, and offers a degree option where technical elective choices add depth training to the degree through applications in Biomedical Engineering.
Both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering programs feature an open senior year in which students choose a suite of professional technical electives, as well as carry out a capstone design project, that meets their individual educational and career preparation objectives. Choosing an appropriate required set of technical electives can add optional depth in applications of the degree to biomedical engineering.
Our programs have a very strong "hands on" laboratory component to support the traditional classroom theory courses. Modern software tools for the support of engineering analysis and design are fully integrated into the program, including MATLAB, MultiSim, Mentor Graphics integrated CAD suite, Cadence Computer Aided design tool suite and a host of more specialized applications.
The University currently offers two Honors programs.  The University Honors Program entitles the student to graduate with University Honors in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering designated on his or her diploma and academic record.  The Honors-In-Major Program entitles the student to graduate with Honors in Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering designated on his or her diploma and academic record. Details about the UNH Honors programs can be found on the Honors Section of our web site.
While the Department does not have a formal "co-op" program, many students fulfill the objectives of a co-op program through part-time work (full-time in summers) and internships in one of the many local technology-based companies or university research laboratories.
In addition to the university's mandatory Discovery Program requirements, degree candidates must complete our core program (freshman through junior years). Students select professional technical electives in the senior year, and carry out a student-designed project, to acquire both breadth and depth of study, and to integrate knowledge across course boundaries.
Transfer students and those who have already completed a two-year technical degree are especially welcomed. Every effort is made to minimize the additional time needed to complete the degree programs for such students. If you have questions about the feasibility of transferring prior earned credits to our degree programs, please contact our transfer advisors though the ECE Office. Our Transfer Advisors are available for an individual assessment prior to submitting your formal application for admission.