Discovery Program

To graduate from the University of New Hampshire, baccalaureate and associate in art students enrolling as first year students must fulfill four types of University requirements: writing, Discovery (core curriculum), degree and major.  Listed below are the writing and Discovery (core curriculum) requirements for ECE Students.

In order to fulfill the University Writing Requirement, ECE Students must complete four writing intensive courses with a passing grade.

University Writing Requirement

Writing Requirement for Students in the Electrical Engineering Degree Program

Writing Requirement for Students in the Computer Engineering Degree Program

ENGL 401, and Three of the Following Courses: ECE 617, ECE 618, ECE791(H) or ECE792(H)

ENGL 401, ECE791(H), ECE792(H) and One Discovery Course with a Writing Intensive (WI) Attribute



Writing Skills

ENGL 401

Quantitative Reasoning

Math 425

Inquiry Course

ECE 401

Biological Science*

One Course from this Category

Physical Science*


Fine & Performing Arts

One Course from this Category

Historical Perspectives

One Course from this Category


One Course from this Category

Social Science

Either ECON 402 or EREC 411 - Required for ECE Students

World Cultures

One Course from this Category, May also be Satisfied by Approved Study Abroad Programs

Environment, Technology & Society

ECE Students who take ECE 401, 791, and 792 are Exempt from this Category Upon Graduation

* One course from either of these two categories must have a Discovery Lab (DLAB)