Undergraduate Student Resources

Welcome to the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department! 

There are many resources for students at UNH and in the ECE department. 

Does the ECE Department have tutoring available?

Yes the department hires tutors per semester/yearly and this is free for ECE students. Tutors are typically seniors and graduate students and they must have done well (B+ or better) in their courses. These tutors can assist undergraduate students with the ECE core courses. Tutoring is held in the  ECE Study Nooks, located on the 2nd floor of the West Wing in Kingsbury Hall. Full details of ECE tutoring information is available on the ECE MyCourses Organization page. If you don't have access to this page, contact the ECE Department Administrative Assistant.

There are also tutoring resources for:

Math Courses Mathematics Assistance Center - CEPS , Computer Science Courses - Programming Assistant Center (PAC), and Physics Courses from the Society of Physics Students. They will announce tutoring on the bulletin board in Demeritt Hall right next to the steps leading down to the front door. UNH offers the Knack Tutoring center to help out all students with UNH Courses. 

I am having difficulty in a class, what should I do?

If a student is having difficulty in a course they should visit their professor and TA during their office hours. If they can't make those hours, the student is reccommended to contact the professor and TA to schedule a meeting time. If there are any issues the student should contact the ECE Department Administrative Assistant. We also reccomend to students to form a study group. 

Do I have an advisor and how do I find them?

Every student is assigned an advisor. Students should log into DegreeWorks and/or MyWildcat Success and their advisor should be listed. If the student doesn't see an advisor listed, they should contact the ECE Department Administrative Assistant.