Laboratory Space

Video tour of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Labs.

Laboratory Courses
Bionics Laboratory ECE 444 Bionics: Technology from Nature
Electronics Laboratory I

ECE 537 Introduction to Electrical Engineering

ECE 541 Electric Circuits
ECE 548 Electronic Design

Digital and Computer Systems Laboratory

ECE 401 Perspectives in Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECE 543 Introduction to Digital Systems

Embedded Computing & Computer Architecture Laboratory*

ECE 562 Computer Organization

ECE 649 Embedded Microcomputer Based Design

Advanced Electronics & Instrumentation Laboratory*

ECE 603 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECE 633/ECE 634 Signals and Systems I & II
ECE 651 Electronic Design II
ECE 775 Application of Integrated Circuits
ECE 781 Physical Instrumentation

ECE 784 Biomedical Instrumentation

Digital Signal and Image Processing Laboratory* ECE 714 Introduction to Digital Signal Processing
ECE 717 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
Communication & Wireless Systems Laboratory*

ECE 734 Network Data Communications

ECE 757 Fundamentals of Communication Systems
ECE 758 Communication System Design

Control Systems Laboratory ECE 772 Control Systems
Design Automation Laboratory*

ECE 583 Designing with Programmable Logic

ECE 711 Digital Systems
ECE 715 Introduction to VLSI

Synthetic Vision and Pattern Anaylsis Laboratory

ECE 760 Introduction to Fiber Optics
ECE 717 Introduction to Digitial Image Processing
ECE 965 Introduction to Pattern Recognition 
ECE 970 Opitical Signal Processing

Smart Wearable and Sensing Systems Laboratory  Brand New Lab

*Indicates a laboratory that is accessible twenty-fours hours a day.