Technical Service Center

The TSC is committed to providing technical support to all of CEPS and supporting our academic mission of excellence. Through our team based approach to solving problems we are better able to design, build, repair and maintain various pieces of equipment and instruments with greater efficiency in time and cost.  Our staff provides a wealth of knowledge with  over 150 years of combined experience in the fields of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry,   Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Information Technology, Earth Sciences, Ocean Engineering, Physics and Machining.    Team members include: Jim Abare (ECE Liaison), Scott Campbell (Senior Machinist), Kevan Carpenter (TSC Director), John Ahern ( OE & CEE  Liaison,) , Darcy Fournier (Chemical Eng. and Env. Eng. Liaison), Sheldon Parent (IT & Mechanical Eng Liaison), Jesse Ambrose (Chemisry & Earth Science Liaison) and  Noah MacAdam (CEE and Physics Liaison).  Please use our online work request system for any items you would like us to assist you with.   We look forward to working with all our faculty, staff and students on wide variety of projects and labs within CEPS.  Our central office is  in S178 Kingsbury so feel free to stop by anytime.

TSC Work Requests

The CEPS Technical Service Center (TSC) has  an online work request system for all faculty and staff. This system will better enable the TSC to track and assign tasks to the TSC team members as well as collect valuable data related to the work load for future planning. All work requests must be associated with a faculty or staff member. Upon completion of the online Work Request Form, you will receive confirmation that it has been submitted. It is the goal of the TSC to contact you within 48 hours providing you with a response to your request. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Kevan Carpenter, CEPS TSC Director, at (603) 862-2343.

CEPS IT Support Resources

CEPS Faculty, Staff and students may  request Desktop Support: Any IT needs for your office PC  (Internet connection, email, Box, general application support, printing etc.) please submit a ticket through this link

For any  IT questions regarding shared computers (research labs, project spaces) or server related questions ( such as application installation/troubleshooting, network connectivity, printing, access etc) please complete a TSC work request at   Work Request Form

For General questions on computer labs: Managed by Chris Pycko use this link

All Software request for clusters should continue to use this link.

For disposal of any computers or electronics all of which must be properly disposed of through the UNH SEED  program please use the CEPS TSC SEED SUBMITTAL FORM if you are in Kingsbury Hall or the University SEED form if in other CEPS buildings

CEPS Student Computer recommendations:


All students: 16GB RAM recommended;
512GB or better storage strongly recommended.
Mechanical Engineering: 16GB RAM recommended,
32GB preferred.
If Apple, configure as dual-platform setup.


All students: Productivity suite required. Recommend Microsoft Office365 ProPlus, Google Docs, or Apple iWork, all of which include online services such as cloud syncing and collaboration.