Frequently Asked Questions


Is Tech Camp intended primarily for students who already have a strong background in STEM subjects?
Tech Camp is for everyone! We welcome students of all skill levels and backgrounds — an inquisitive mind and sense of adventure are all that are required to enroll!  Tech Camp can be the first place that a student learns about an array of STEM subject areas and how they might pursue them in college or as a career. Tech Camp opens doors that students didn't even know existed!

Is financial support available?
Our goal is to make Tech Camp accessible to all who are interested! Thanks to special grant funding, a number of our programs are offered at no cost. Financial assistance for non-sponsored programs is available as well, and can be used to cover tuition expenses as well as on-campus housing. When filling out the application, you will see a section devoted to financial aid. This information helps determine eligibility for assistance. 

Why do I need to fill out an application?
The application process helps us ensure that each of our programs includes a diverse cross-section of students, which creates a more dynamic learning environment for all. The application also helps us direct financial assistance to those in need.

Are campers required to live on campus?
We understand that living on campus in a dorm is not for everyone, so we offer both day and residential options for students. More than 50 percent of our campers choose to live on campus.

What if my child’s first program choice is full?
Students will have the opportunity to select their first and second choice of programs when they apply. If their first-choice program is full, they will be placed in their second-choice program. If an instance of both programs being full occurs, families will be contacted to see if there is another option of interest available.

Does my child need to be a NH resident to attend?
No. In years past participants have come from all over New England, the wider U.S., and even from overseas. All are welcome!

Who are the teachers at Tech Camp?
Our programs are led by UNH faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students or area high school STEM teachers. All bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom and a love for STEM education at all levels.

What is project-based learning?
Project-based learning is a student-centered approach to teaching that involves a dynamic classroom environment in which students engage in hands-on activities and experiments to explore subject matter and address real-world challenges and problems.

Can I get high school credit for attending Tech Camp?
Yes! UNH has partnered with the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School (VLACS) to provide high school students with an opportunity to earn credit in conjunction with their participation in Tech Camp. Click here to learn more.

If you have additional questions, please contact Amy Booth at