The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences offers a full array of Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in engineering, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, earth science and physics as well as interdisciplinary programs in materials science, environmental engineering and ocean engineering. The College’s emphasis on interdisciplinary, fundamental education, research, and hands-on learning allows our students to transform theory into practice.

Mission and Vision of CEPS

Our mission is to serve our students so as to foster their highest aspirations. Our priority is the individual student. We aspire to create graduates that will become the future innovators and protagonists in their respective fields. We seek to instill in our students a mastery of fundamental disciplinary skills and principles, and the capacity to apply these. We additionally seek for our graduates to have a holistic and ethical awareness of their surrounding world, an appreciation for the value of cultural and intellectual diversity, and the ability to communicate technical information effectively within this context.

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences aspires to create within its students the qualities articulated in our mission statement. Fully attaining this vision necessarily requires the active and appropriately balanced participation of every student, staff and faculty member. We seek to create a community of individuals, mutually dedicated to scholarly pursuits, and working in positively self-reinforcing ways in consonant service to the instruction, research and service components of the academic mission.