CEPS Teaching, Research & Staff Awards

Teaching & Mentor Awards

CEPS Outstanding Teaching Awards

These awards acknowledge and honor professors, lecturers and graduate assistants for their excellence in teaching. The awards, established in 1985, are given to teachers that demonstrate effectiveness in communication, professional quality, genuine concern for students as individuals and contribution to the long-term personal growth and development of students. Teaching Awards are given in the following three categories. Nominations may come from CEPS undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Tenured/Tenured-Track Professor
  • Non-Tenured-Track Instructor
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

CEPS Outstanding Undergraduate Mentor Award

The student experience in CEPS is shaped significantly by their interactions with our faculty. This student-led award recognizes one of our faculty members annually for their uncommon commitment to student success. This is often demonstrated by their willingness to engage with students inside and outside of the classroom and their ability to create a welcoming environment for students regardless of their background.

Research Awards

CEPS Awards for Excellence in Research

These awards acknowledge and honor members of the CEPS faculty who have demonstrated superior creativity and success in research and scholarship. This award, established in 2018, is based on the quality, originality, and significance of the recipient's scholarly work, as well as the ability of the recipient to share knowledge and research skills with colleagues and students.

Awards for Excellence in Research are given in the following three categories, based on current rank and appointment as of January 1 of the award year. Nominations may come from any CEPS faculty member.

  • Associate or Full Professor – tenure track
  • Assistant Professor – tenure track
  • Research Faculty (≥50% Research Faculty appointment)

2022 Teaching Award Winners

  • May-Win Thein
  • Melanie_Vinning
  • Jeff_Halpern
  • Ian_Bresnahan

2022 Research Award Winners

  • Ruth_Varner
  • Momotaz_Begum

Year Name Department
2023 May-WinThein Mechanical Engineering
2023 Melanie Vinning* Mathematics Assistance Center
2022 Rita Hibschweiler Mathematics & Statistics
2022 Alejandro Hausner* Computer Science
2021 Raymond Cook Civil & Environmental Engineering
2021 Ivaylo Nedyalkov* Mechanical Engineering
2020 Nan Yi Chemical Engineering
2020 Sofia Lemons* Computer Science
2019 Karsten Pohl Physics
2019 David Benson* Mathematics & Statistics
2018 Robert Henry Civil & Environmental Engineering
2018 Adam St. Jean* Chemical Engineering
2017 Benjamin Chandran Physics
2017 Michael Gildersleeve* Computer Science
2016 Nancy Kinner Civil & Environmental Engineering
2016 Michael Briggs** Physics
2015 Qiaoyan Yu Chemical Engineering
2015 Adam Boucher* Mathematics & Statistics
2014 Kent Chamberlin Electrical & Computer Engineering
2014 Neil Portney* Mathematics & Statistics
2013 Dale Barkey Chemical Engineering
2012 May-Win Thein Mechanical Engineering
2011 Gordon Kraft Electrical & Computer Engineering
2010 Nivedita Gupta Chemical Engineering
2009 Gary Weisman Chemistry
2008 R. Daniel Bergeron Computer Science
2007 M. Robinson Swift Mechanical Engineering
2007 Frank Hludik* Electrical & Computer Engineering
2006 Richard Johnson Chemistry
2005 Edward Wong Chemistry
2005 John Dudek* Chemistry
2004 Raymond Cook Civil Engineering
2004 Gertrud Kraut* Mathematics & Statistics
2003 Igor Tsukrov Mechanical Engineering
2002 Joseph Geiser Chemistry
2002 Brian Johnson* Computer Science
2001 Rita Hibschweiler Mathematics & Statistics
2000 Glen Miller Chemistry
1999 Tom Miller Electrical & Computer Engineering
1998 Jennifer Berhard Electrical & Computer Engineering
1997 P.T. Vasudevan Chemical Engineering
1996 John Wilson Mechanical Engineering
1995 Gary Weisman Chemistry
1994 Michael Stetson Civil Engineering
1993 Russell Carr Chemical Engineering
1992 John Mulhern Physics
1991 Thomas Ballestero Civil Engineering
1990 Howard Mayne Chemistry
1989 Nancy Kinner Civil Engineering
1988 William Mosberg Mechanical Engineering
1987 Tiny Grant Chemistry
1986 Fletch Blanchard Electrical & Computer Engineering
1985 Ihab Farag Chemical Engineering
* Additional Award to Lecturer
** Additional Award to Non-TT Instructor

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Year Name Department
2023 Ian Bresnahan Mathematics & Statistics
2022 Matthew D'Amico Mathematics & Statistics
2021 Madeline Edwards Mathematics & Statistics
2020 Jason Green Mathematics & Statistics
2019 Alexander Redfearn Chemical Engineering
2018 David Fifty Mathematics
2017 Dalton Marsh Mathematics
2016 Drago Maftei Computer Science
2015 Kyle Gray Mathematics
2014 Robert Carroll Chemical Engineering
2013 Peter Frank Chemistry
2013 Tim Fill Mathematics
2012 May Chaar Mathematics
2009 Sue Generazzo Mathematics
2008 Kyle McLaughlin Mechanical Engineering
2007 Matthew Derov Mechanical Engineering
2006 Oliver Okumba Arigi Chemistry
2005 Kourosh Zarringhalam Mathematics
2004 Jon Bannon Mathematics
2003 Jindrich Novak Mechanical Engineering
2002 Rob Reynolds Mathematics
2001 John Mabry Chemistry
2000 Siobhan Milde Chemistry
1999 Liz Michaels Electrical & Computer Engineering
1998 John Noland Mathematics
1997 Garry Brown Electrical & Computer Engineering
1996 Alexander Bradley Chemistry
1995 John Brogan Chemistry
1994 Paul Secinaro Electrical & Computer Engineering
1993 Hui Ru Ding Mathematics
1992 Michael Cullinane Mathematics
1991 Amy Sommers Chemistry
1990 Abdul Mohamed Chemical Engineering
1989 Chris McDevitt Mathematics
1988 Rita Fairbrother Mathematics
1987 S.B. Reddy Karri Chemical Engineering
1986 Christopher Hallen Chemistry
1985 Allen Lord Electrical & Computer Engineering

Year Name Department
2023 Jeffrey Halpern Chemical &Bioengineering


Year Name Department

Momotaz Begum

Assistant Professor

Computer Science

Ruth Varner


Earth Sciences

Majid Ghayoomi


Civil & Environmental Engineering

Marek Petrik


Computer Science

Harald Kucharek

Research Professor

Physics & Astronomy

Don Hadwin

Mathematics & Statistics

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
Assistant Professor

Physics & Astronomy

Noé Lugaz
Research Professor

Physics & Astronomy

Jo Sias

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Jiadong Zang
Assistant Professor

Physics & Astronomy

Charles Smith
Research Professor

Physics & Astronomy
2019 Weiwei Mo
Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dmitri Nikshych
Full Professor

Mathematics & Statistics
2019 Charles Farugia
Research Faculty
2018 Marko Knezevic
Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering
2018 John Gibson
Associate Professor
Mathematics & Statistics
2018 Antoinette Galvin
Research Faculty

CEPS Staff of the Year Award

The CEPS Annual Staff Excellence Award has been established to recognize and reward staff in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. This annual award acknowledges a staff member who has made outstanding contributions to CEPS through achievements, initiative, service, and a sustained commitment to excellence and dedication to their department and to the college.

Year Name Department
2023 Katie Makem Boucher Physics & Astronomy
2022 Cindi Rohwer Chemistry