Kingsbury Hall

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences' dedication to teaching, research and service reflect the mission of the University of New Hampshire, the State's Land Grant, Sea Grant and Space Grant institution and its only public research university. The College offers a full array of Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees in engineering, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, earth science and physics as well as interdisciplinary programs in materials science, environmental engineering and ocean engineering. The research and design project activities of the College fulfill an important part of its educational mission by providing "capstone" learning experiences for undergraduates, educating future research scientists and engineers and attracting, engaging and retaining excellent faculty and staff. The College also embraces its mission to serve the citizens of the State of New Hampshire, national and international needs where it may contribute, as well as the various professions represented by the faculty and staff.

CEPS Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) recognizes the importance of fostering an inclusive and welcoming community in which everyone, regardless of their background or identity (including but not limited to race, country of origin, religious beliefs, class, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression), feels appreciated, respected, supported, and valued in decision-making processes.  CEPS recognizes that biases (e.g. racism, sexism, classism) exist and is committed to countering such discriminatory behavior.  We strongly believe that diversity among our students, faculty, and staff promotes new ideas and perspectives that are critical to solving the challenges facing society and the environment, advance humankind, further advances in engineering and the physical sciences, and assure the success of our students and the college.  CEPS and the entire UNH community thrive when all of our faculty, staff, and students have the opportunities, resources, and support they need to succeed.  We are committed to creating a more equitable, safe, and inclusive environment within CEPS and across the university.


The University of New Hampshire (UNH) is a land-, sea- and space-grant institution with a Carnegie Foundation high research activity classification. The UNH College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) is nationally unique in the positioning of mathematics and the physical sciences (chemistry, earth sciences and physics) in the same administrative unit as computer science and the four engineering departments (Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering). This provides the opportunity to address 21st century problems, which inherently require interdisciplinary efforts, often combining engineering with the physical sciences, and both incorporating mathematics and computer science in educational, research and entrepreneurial activities. 

Mission Statement

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences seeks to provide a high quality, affordable education in an environment designed to cultivate the students’ highest aspirations.  The College is dedicated to developing highly capable professionals who have the interdisciplinary skills essential for technical expertise and leadership, entrepreneurial endeavors, the ability to communicate technical information with clarity, and an ethical awareness of their surrounding world. We pursue scholarship that transforms representative fields of study and fosters the maturation of future scholars. The College seeks to engage partner organizations in synergistic efforts to advance the education of students within the College, the campus community, and the citizenry.

Vision Statement

The College aims to develop a culture and infrastructure that enables the aspirations expressed in the mission statement to be achieved. Our vision is one of a cohesive community of individuals working synergistically to serve the University's academic mission, that of transforming students and society through instructional, scholarly, entrepreneurial, and engagement activities. The capabilities and commitments to excellence of faculty, staff, students and alumni offer the means to address known and unknown challenges, and to raise the regional and national prominence of the College and the University.  Our highest aspiration is to become wholly invested, individually and collectively, in satisfying these duties. 

The true impacts of CEPS are the contributions of our faculty and graduates to their respective fields and to the broader society. The success of CEPS will be evaluated through accomplishments of the collective, of the individual faculty, and of the individual student. Efforts will be made to enthusiastically invest in infrastructure to allow the College to capitalize on transformative opportunities to drive our vision.  A hallmark of the College will continue to be an agility that facilitates meaningful response to the changing social, educational and scientific landscape.