Summer 2021 Programs || Open to Students Entering Grades 8-10

Students can sign up for multiple TechVenturer sessions. All levels of experience are encouraged to apply!

July 12-16, Online Session
Monday  Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

TechVenturers A. This program will focus on a weeklong, in-depth project centered on unraveling a murder mystery using forensic science. The case involves celebrity detective Inspector Gadget, whose body has been found in a rooftop garden. Campers will employ classic forensic techniques such as fingerprinting and ink chromatography, plus a few new ones like cipher and footprint analysis, to help us solve this crime!

As part of this TechVenturers program, each participant will receive a STEM learning kit that includes all necessary supplies for the program.

July 19-23, Online Session
Monday  Friday, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

TechVenturers B. In this session, participants will choose a weeklong, in-depth project focused on either computer coding (virtual/augmented reality) or civil/structural engineering.

  • The coding project will introduce participants to the exciting world of virtual and augmented reality. During the week, participants will write and design an escape room scenerio and then create it in a 3-D virtual environment. As a group, participants will then test and refine each other’s creations, leading to a showcase for family and friends. 
  • In the civil/structural engineering project, participants will design and model a bridge to meet the needs of a New Hampshire community. As part of the process, participants will test engineering materials and analyze data to determine optimal materials; discover the physics behind exiting bridges; and explore the interaction between bridges and the environment they’re built in.

As part of this TechVenturers program, each participant will receive a STEM learning kit that includes all necessary supplies for the program.

July 26-30, In-Person Session
Monday  Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Dover High School

TechVenturers C. In this session, participants will focus on a weeklong, in-depth project examining a model organism that regrows lost body parts.

Scientists are beginning to understand how to grow parts of the human body. Sometimes it helps to study organisms that already can do this, like the planaria. Planaria are free-living flatworms that can regrow any lost body part. In this program, you will help design and perform a hands-on experiment where you will determine environmental factors that influence the ability of planaria to regrow missing body parts.

This project is part of a broader workforce development initiative at UNH focused on regenerative medicine and biofabrication that is funded by a National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership grant. Students will be working alongside teacher participants also learning about regenerative medicine and how to incorporate it into their classrooms. All necessary COVID-19 health & safety protocols will be followed.


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