Elementary Program Introducing Computing

EPIC logoEPIC is designed to inspire the next generation of computing innovators by engaging young students in learning computational thinking skills and programming fundamentals. We offer various levels of classes that help students build their confidence in computing technologies in a well-balanced learning environment. Our hands-on activities are designed to promote problem solving and logic thinking skills as well as to encourage social interactions, participation, and fun!  Let the kids’ imagination soar as they collaborate with new friends and guided by our experienced tech-savvy staff.

Contact Information

Karen Jin

New for 2020 – Family Account!!!

Parents/guardians enrolling one or multiple kids in a youth program can now manage all tasks through one Family Account! Creating a family account allows for a higher level of self-service for parents/guardians:

  • Manage a family and its members (including adults) from one family account
  • Eliminates the need to remember user names and passwords for multiple student accounts
  • Perform multiple registrations for multiple family members at once
  • Manage invoices and payments for family members from one family account

A parent/guardian enrolling a child in a UNH youth program should set up a Family Account and manage future registration functions through that account.

There are a few steps involved in setting up the family account, but they only have to be done once! Review the Online Registration Instructions before enrolling!

Online Summer Day Camp

Even though we can’t hold our in-person camp this summer, we will offer a two-week online course between June 22 and July 3 - Intro to Computer Science with Scratch Game Design.

This course is designed to introduce students in grade 4-7 essential concepts of computing through creating their own Scratch games. Dive into programming logic with Scratch, the drag-and-drop creative learning environment developed by MIT Media Lab. Students will use code blocks and characters to build a foundation in computational thinking, creating animated stories and games. Scratch’s bright visuals and engaging design enhance the learning process, making it easy for the student to develop computational skills transferrable to more advanced computer science topics.


The camp will cover the following important concepts through the kid-friendly Scratch environment. Even for kids who had worked with Scratch in the past, they will make new discoveries of the language and create advanced computing artifacts.

  • Create variables, if-else statements and different types of loops
  • Program using arithmetic operators
  • Use functions to modularize the program logic
  • Design and animate sprites
  • Experiment and explore to build creativity and confidence in program design

Class structure includes:

  • Daily class with synchronous Zoom class with live instructors
  • Small group work through meeting breakout rooms
  • Students will also connect and socialize with their new online peers through group activities and games
  • Additional drop-in tutor hours will also be available

The course will be designed and taught by Norm Messa, Computer Science Teacher at the Seacoast School of Technology and  Karen Jin, the EPIC camp director and instructor of computer science at UNH Manchester. The cost of this two-week online course is $250.

If you have any questions, please contact us at EPIC@cs.unh.edu if you have any questions or comments.