CEPS Advisory Board Mission and Organization


The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Advisory Board (CAB) endeavors to provide advice, counsel and support to the College in its efforts to serve the public in New Hampshire, the region and the nation through its education, research and public service programs. The Board does so by focusing on several broad areas of concern and activity including:

  • To provide advice and counsel on future employment needs and appropriate College responses,
  • To provide reaction to and advice on the College’s programs and initiatives,
  • To assist in building consortia to support the College’s programs,
  • To assist in strengthening relationships with the College’s many outside constituencies,
  • To assist in obtaining the financial support necessary for improving the College’s facilities and educational and research capabilities, and
  • To assist in keeping the University Administration informed about the College.


Board membership shall include the Dean and approximately twenty outside people, 3/4ths representing industry and 1/4th representing industrial associations, other academic and research institutions, State government and elected officials. Members shall be selected and appointed by the Dean for three-year terms. The Board will select a Chairperson from among its industrial members on an annual basis.


The Board shall meet at least once per year on a schedule set by the Dean and Chairperson. Prior to each meeting, the Dean and Chairperson will issue an agenda and send it to the members. The Chairperson will chair all meetings and minutes shall be recorded. Ad hoc subcommittees may be appointed from time to time.

Report to the President

The Board, through its Chairperson and Dean, will report annually to the University President on the state of the College.


Cyndee Gruden, Dean