The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences is pleased to offer several 12-month competitive graduate fellowships.  The intent of the fellowships is to attract highly qualified doctoral students to the college.  Students are encouraged to contact faculty in your area of interest.  Nominations for the fellowship, made by the faculty advisors on behalf of the student in a written letter of support, must be reviewed and ranked by the home department. Students from groups underrepresented in the respective STEM disciplines are particularly encouraged to apply.


The fellowship will be awarded based on academic achievements, recommendations from faculty, and a personal statement of the student’s proposed educational and research program and long-range professional goals.  Applications should include three letters of reference, the candidate’s personal statement, a letter of support from the prospective UNH faculty mentor, and a resume from the graduate student. This fellowship funding may be coupled with additional intramural or extramural support.  It is expected that successful candidates will receive follow-up research funding contingent upon academic performance and involvement in research. Awards are open solely to doctoral applicants.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to visit or speak with their potential graduate department and faculty sponsor, if practical, prior to the deadline.  This year’s application deadline for the Graduate Fellowship is January 18, 2022.

Special Admission Requirement

Applicants must be nominated for this fellowship by the graduate committee of the department to which they have applied.

Fields of Study

  • All CEPS