Douglas Coulter

Douglas Coulter gains experience on the center's CNC machines and 3D printers
Douglas working on machines

Meet Douglas Coulter, a rising UNH sophomore and mechanical engineering intern at the Olson Center.

Over the past semester, Douglas has cultivated skills within the realms of software, mechanical, and electrical engineering while working on Dr. Benjamin Mitchell’s water droplet CNC machine project. This project boasts a new manufacturing process that uses a series of horizontally orientated high-velocity water droplets to erode metal sheets that can cut out intricate designs. Douglas has become well-versed in the process of how CNC machines operate and has also been able to gain experience with the center’s 3D printers.

When asked about the non-technical skills Douglas has gained since working at the center, he explained that his experience as an intern has led him to foster strong self-management and accountability skills. He described the "management style at the Olson Center nurtures a strong sense of responsibility and has pushed me to approach my work with an attitude of eagerness and exploratory passion.”

Written by Jesse Davis

Photo by UNH Photographer Jeremy Gasowski