Meghan White '20

Improving Infrastructure to Deliver Clean Water
Graduate student Meghan White

Meghan White graduated from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor of science in environmental engineering in 2018 before beginning her master’s degree in civil engineering in August of 2018. The Wakefield, Massachusetts native chose civil engineering because of her passion for helping to provide people with potable water and access to proper sanitation. 

What do you hope to be doing after finishing your program?

I hope to be working in a consulting firm focusing on either water reuse, drinking water, or wastewater. 

What is your research focus?
My research is on comparing the impact of pre-ozonation and coagulation pretreatment on ceramic membrane microfiltration performance. 

Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?
I choose to go to UNH for graduate school because of the faculty. I conducted undergraduate research under Dr. James Malley and when I was a senior, the opportunity arose to continue doing research under him as a graduate student. This opportunity also allowed me to spend six months in the Netherlands, where I conducted my master's research at the water utility PWNT. 

What have you found most unique, enjoyable or beneficial part of being in the UNH community?

The best part about being a member of the UNH community is the faculty. In the civil and environmental engineering department, my professors have never made me feel like I was just another number. They are also available when I need advice or help. 

How do you feel this program will help prepare you for your career or further education?

This program will help me prepare for my career in the future because it has given me a strong academic foundation and provided me with the opportunity to work in the field I am passionate about in another country. 

What is your advice to someone considering a graduate program at UNH?

My advice is to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.