Modeling of Wall Bounded Turbulent Flows.

Pulkit Dubey, IAM PhD Student
Pulkit Dubey

Pulkit Dubey completed his bachelor's in mechanical engineering from BITS Pilani, India (2015) followed by master's from JNCASR, Bangalore, India (2019). During his masters, he worked on hydrodynamic instability of liquid jets where he studied the breakup of a liquid jet to form droplets. He also studied suspensions with non-spherical solute particles and observed the effects of orientation of these particles on the bulk properties of the suspension. Following this, he moved to UNH to collaborate with Professor Chini where his research focus has shifted to modeling of wall bounded turbulent flows. Turbulence is one of the greatest unsolved problems of physics, and with Professor Chini, he has been working on various methods for gaining insight into the underlying physical mechanisms. Using techniques such as asymptotic analysis, resolvent analysis and quasilinear approximations, he aims to create a simplified model for wall-bounded turbulent flow, which is decidedly less complex than actual turbulence, but can nevertheless reproduce overall properties of the flow.  His research was presented at APS DFD 2022, Boulder Summer School 2022 and published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.