Spotlight on Chem 405

Chemical Principles for Engineers
Carbon Based Transistors, David Boies

Students in the Fall 2020 semester of Chem 405, Chemical Principles for Engineers, researched how chemistry is applied in engineering or is present in challenges that require engineering, and then communicated their findings in both poster and oral presentations. 

Given the many prospective mechanical and electrical engineers in the course, lithium ion batteries, solar panels, and electric vehicles were common topics, but there were many other fascinating topics, reflecting the diverse interests and aspirations of the students in the course. Some examples include bioplastics, CRISPR technology, aerogels, carbon capture and storage methods, self-healing polymers, biomimetics, and even rollercoaster design. 

A selection of posters are shared here with permission from the students.

I loved learning from the students about their chosen topics. Some students were very passionate and I got to hear about their career aspirations, hobbies, and motivations. – Chem 405 instructor, Dr. Kathleen Bowe

Special thanks to Dr. Erin D. Speetzen at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and Dr. Bruce Hathaway at LeTourneau University for generously sharing their instructional materials as models so this project was possible.