Spotlight on Graduate Student Gordy Hunter

Graduate Student Gordon Hunter

Gordy Hunter was born and raised in rural Northeast Iowa and completed his undergraduate studies as a chemistry major at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He performed his master’s degree research under the direction of Vicki H. Grassian at the University of Iowa, studying size-dependent photocatalytic processes that solubilize iron in mineral dust aerosols. Gordy went on to join the faculty at Northeast Iowa Community College, where he taught chemistry and other science courses for five years before moving with his wife to New Hampshire. He is currently doing chemistry education research (CER) at the University of New Hampshire in Dr. Pazicni’s group, investigating relationships between student affective characteristics, prior chemistry knowledge, and performance in general chemistry courses.

Outside of academia, Gordy enjoys tennis, softball, running, hiking, board games, movies, karaoke, and traveling with his wife.