Sukitha Adappa

Ph.D. Student Aims to Deepen our Understanding of Mathematical Structures
Photo of Sukitha Adappa

Sukitha Adappa is a Ph.D. student studying pure mathematics with a focus in operator theory. Adappa was raised in Sri Lanka and graduated from the University of Peradeniya with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics.

1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?  

I chose UNH for my graduate program because of its highly regarded mathematics program and the positive reputation it has earned. As an international student, the inclusive and welcoming culture at UNH resonated with me, making it the perfect fit for my academic journey. 

2. What is your Research Focus?  

My research focus is primarily on analysis, which involves studying mathematical structures and functions. Currently, I am conducting research on von Neumann Algebras, an area of operator theory and operator algebra. By studying these algebras, I aim to gain a deeper understanding of their properties and their significance in various areas of mathematics and physics.  

3. What are you hoping to accomplish with this research? How will it potentially impact society or day-to-day life?  

Through my research, I aspire to achieve several goals and make meaningful contributions to the field of mathematics. With a focus on von Neumann Algebras, I aim to deepen our understanding of these mathematical structures and uncover new insights within the realm of analysis. While the immediate impact on everyday life might not be obvious, the implications of mathematical research are far-reaching. 

4. What do you enjoy most about your experience at UNH?  

Over the past five years, I had the privilege of encountering exceptional faculty members who imparted knowledge using innovative approaches. As a student, I was fortunate to learn from their expertise, and as a teacher, I had the opportunity to enhance my own skills by adopting some of their effective methods. The dynamic interaction with dedicated educators greatly contributed to my overall enjoyment of my time at UNH, fostering growth and facilitating a well-rounded educational experience. 

5. What do you hope to do after your time at UNH?  

I’d like to embark on a career that leverages my analytical skills while also allowing me to apply the teaching skills I have acquired. I am eager to use my analytical abilities to solve complex problems, contribute to research endeavors, or excel in data-driven roles. Also, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and inspiring others by engaging in teaching and mentoring activities. By merging these two aspects, I aim to find a fulfilling career path that enables me to make a meaningful impact through analysis and education. 

6. What is your advice for someone on how to best prepare for a graduate program?  

I suggest focusing on a few essential aspects when preparing for a graduate program: Take the time to thoroughly research the specific program you're interested in. Get to know the coursework, faculty members, and available research opportunities. Developing strong time management and organizational skills is essential, as graduate studies can be demanding. Seek practical experiences related to your fields of interest, such as research or internships, to gain hands-on knowledge.