Teaching Excellence

Madeline Edwards '21G selected as Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant

Madeline Edwards ’21, who recently earned a Ph.D. in Integrated Applied Mathematics, was named the outstanding teaching award winner amongst graduate students.

The award acknowledges and honor professors, lecturers and graduate assistants for their excellence in teaching. The awards, established in 1985, are given to teachers who demonstrate effectiveness in communication, professional quality, genuine concern for students as individuals and contribution to the long-term personal growth and development of students. Nominations may come from CEPS undergraduate and graduate students.

Edwards served as a teaching assistant for a wide variety of courses, including Math 418 and Math 527. She also was an instructor for Math 645 in Spring 2020.

“She has been a role model for many students,” says Karen Graham, professor and chair of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

Edwards was also immersed in research addressing the challenging question of fluid-structure interaction with application to air flow in the respiratory system.

She successfully defended her dissertation, published the results of that research and is in the process of publishing another paper.