Easton White

Easton White

Assistant Professor
Phone: (603) 862-0721
Office: Biological Sciences, Spaulding Hall Rm 272, Durham, NH 03824
Pronouns: He/him/his

Dr. Easton White is a quantitative marine ecologist who uses mathematical and statistical tools, coupled with experiments and field observations, to answer questions in ecology, conservation science, sustainability, and ecosystem management. Most of his work is focused on marine systems, especially fisheries and spatial planning. Easton currently conducts research on assessing the effectiveness of protected area networks, improving species monitoring programs, and modeling socio-ecological systems in the context of fisheries. His work centers on how environmental variability, in particular rare events (e.g., hurricanes, COVID-19 pandemic), affects ecosystems and those that depend on them. Some of his current work is funded through a NSF grant focused on interdisciplinary approaches to study coupled natural-human systems with Madagascar fisheries as a case study.

There are often openings for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows within the Quantitative Marine Ecology Lab at the University of New Hampshire working with Professor Easton White. Please see here (<a href="https://quantmarineecolab.github.io/join/">https://quantmarineecolab.gi…;) for more information on how to apply.

Courses Taught

  • BIOL 412: Intro Biol: Evol Biodiv & Ecol
  • BIOL 412/412H: Intro Biol: Evol Biodiv & Ecol
  • BIOL 412H: Honors/Intro Bio:Evo Biodiv&Ec
  • BIOL 706: Data Science for Life Sciences
  • BIOL 706/806: Data Science for Life Sciences
  • BIOL 795W: Independent Investigations
  • BIOL 799H: Honors Senior Thesis
  • BIOL 806: Data Science for Life Sciences
  • BIOL 999: Doctoral Dissertation Research
  • INCO 590: Student Research Experience
  • MEFB 633: Data Analysis Marine Science
  • MEFB 799H: MEFB Honors Senior Thesis


  • Ph.D., Population Biology, University of California - Davis
  • B.S., Biological Sciences, Arizona State University
  • A.S., Biological Sciences, Scottsdale Community College

Research Interests

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Fish and Fisheries
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Resources Conservation
  • Quantitative methods
  • Science/Technology/Engineering/Math (STEM) Education
  • Seafood
  • Time Series Analysis

Selected Publications

  • Baker-Medard, M., Gantt, C., & White, E. R. (2021). Classed conservation: Socio-economic drivers of participation in marine resource management. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY, 124, 156-162. doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2021.06.007

  • White, E. R., Froehlich, H. E., Gephart, J. A., Cottrell, R. S., Branch, T. A., Bejarano, R. A., & Baum, J. K. (2021). Early effects of COVID-19 on US fisheries and seafood consumption. FISH AND FISHERIES, 22(1), 232-239. doi:10.1111/faf.12525

  • Fournier, A. M. V., White, E. R., & Heard, S. B. (2019). Site-selection bias and apparent population declines in long-term studies. CONSERVATION BIOLOGY, 33(6), 1370-1379. doi:10.1111/cobi.13371

  • White, E. R. (2019). Minimum Time Required to Detect Population Trends: The Need for Long-Term Monitoring Programs. BIOSCIENCE, 69(1), 40-46. doi:10.1093/biosci/biy144