Elizabeth Varki

Graduate Program Coordinator
Office: Computer Science, Kingsbury Hall Rm N221B, Durham, NH 03824
Liz Varki


  • Ph.D., Computer Science, Vanderbilt University
  • M.A., Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Delhi
  • M.A., Computer Science, University of Delhi
  • M.S., Computer Science, Villanova University
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Delhi

Research Interests

  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Computer Simulation/Modeling
  • Computer Systems Analysis

Courses Taught

  • CS 620: Operating System Fundamentals
  • CS 696: Independent Study
  • CS 696W: Independent Study
  • CS 723/823: Performance Eval of Comp Sys
  • CS 775/875: Database Systems
  • CS 800: Internship
  • CS 900: Graduate Seminar
  • CS 920: Distributed Sys and Algorithms
  • CS 999: Doctoral Research

Selected Publications

Varki, E. (2018). GPSonflow: Geographic Positioning of Storage for Optimal Nice Flow. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON MODELING AND PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF COMPUTING SYSTEMS, 3(3). doi:10.1145/3197656

Varki, E. (2017). Where Review Goes Wrong. COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM, 60(3), 29-30. doi:10.1145/3041045

Varki, E., Hubbe, A., & Merchant, A. (2013). Improve prefetch performance by splitting the cache replacement queue. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 7593, 98-108.

Varki, E., Merchant, A., Xu, J. Z., & Qiu, X. Z. (2004). Issues and challenges in the performance analysis of real disk arrays. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS, 15(6), 559-574. doi:10.1109/TPDS.2004.9

Varki, E. (2001). Response time analysis of parallel computer and storage systems. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS, 12(11), 1146-1161. doi:10.1109/71.969125

Most Cited Publications