Joseph Dwyer

Interests include lightning physics and effects, the radiation environment of thunderstorms, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), x-rays from lightning and other topics in Atmospheric and Space Electricity and High Energy Atmospheric Physics.


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago
  • M.S., Physics, University of Chicago
  • B.S., Mathematics, University of California
  • B.S., Physics, University of California

Research Interests

  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Atmospheric Radiation

Courses Taught

  • PHYS 400: Freshman Seminar
  • PHYS 401: Introduction to Physics I
  • PHYS 405: Intro to Modern Astronomy
  • PHYS 407: General Physics I Recitation
  • PHYS 408: General Physics II Recitation
  • PHYS 508: Thermodynamics&Statistic Mech
  • PHYS 615: Mechanics/Mathematical Phys I
  • PHYS 799: Thesis
  • PHYS 999: Doctoral Research

Selected Publications

Tilles, J. N., Liu, N., Stanley, M. A., Krehbiel, P. R., Rison, W., Stock, M. G., . . . Wilson, J. (2019). Fast negative breakdown in thunderstorms. Nature Communications, 10(1). doi:10.1038/s41467-019-09621-z

Tran, M. D., Kereszy, I., Rakov, V. A., & Dwyer, J. R. (2019). On the Role of Reduced Air Density Along the Lightning Leader Path to Ground in Increasing X‐Ray Production Relative to Normal Atmospheric Conditions. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(15), 9252-9260. doi:10.1029/2019gl083753

Shi, F., Liu, N., Dwyer, J. R., & Ihaddadene, K. M. A. (2019). VHF and UHF Electromagnetic Radiation Produced by Streamers in Lightning. Geophysical Research Letters, 46(1), 443-451. doi:10.1029/2018gl080309

Smith, D. M., Bowers, G. S., Kamogawa, M., Wang, D., Ushio, T., Ortberg, J., . . . Stock, M. (2018). Characterizing Upward Lightning With and Without a Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flash. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 123(20), 11,321-11,332. doi:10.1029/2018jd029105

Mailyan, B. G., Nag, A., Murphy, M. J., Briggs, M. S., Dwyer, J. R., Rison, W., . . . Rassoul, H. K. (2018). Characteristics of Radio Emissions Associated With Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 123(7), 5933-5948. doi:10.1029/2018ja025450

Dwyer, J. R., & Smith, D. M. (2005). A comparison between Monte Carlo simulations of runaway breakdown and terrestrial gamma-ray flash observations. Geophysical Research Letters, 32(22), n/a. doi:10.1029/2005gl023848

Dwyer, J. R., Rassoul, H. K., Al-Dayeh, M., Caraway, L., Wright, B., Chrest, A., . . . Smyth, C. (2004). A ground level gamma-ray burst observed in association with rocket-triggered lightning. Geophysical Research Letters, 31(5), n/a. doi:10.1029/2003gl018771

Dwyer, J. R. (2003). A fundamental limit on electric fields in air. Geophysical Research Letters, 30(20), n/a. doi:10.1029/2003gl017781

Mazur, J. E., Mason, G. M., Dwyer, J. R., Giacalone, J., Jokipii, J. R., & Stone, E. C. (2000). Interplanetary Magnetic Field Line Mixing Deduced from Impulsive Solar Flare Particles. The Astrophysical Journal, 532(1), L79-L82. doi:10.1086/312561

Mason, G. M., Mazur, J. E., & Dwyer, J. R. (1999). [TSUP]3[/TSUP]H[CLC]e[/CLC] Enhancements in Large Solar Energetic Particle Events. The Astrophysical Journal, 525(2), L133-L136. doi:10.1086/312349

Most Cited Publications