Radim Bartos

Department Chair and Professor, Computer Science

Phone: (603) 862-3792
Office: Computer Science, Kingsbury Hall Rm N229, Durham, NH 03824
Radim Bartos


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Denver
  • M.S., Mathematics, University of Denver
  • M.S., Computer Science, Czech Technical University
  • M.S., Computer Engineering, Czech Technical University

Courses Taught

  • CS 400: Introduction to Computing
  • CS 696: Stdy/Computer Networks
  • CS 725: Computer Networks
  • CS 925: Advanced Computer Networks
  • CS 999: Doctoral Research
  • ENGR 999: Doctoral Research
  • IT 725: Network Technology

Selected Publications

Li, Y., Bartos, R., & Swan, J. (2014). Dacksis: An efficient transport protocol with acknowledgment-assisted storage management for intermittently connected wireless sensor networks. Pervasive and Mobile Computing, 13, 272-285. doi:10.1016/j.pmcj.2014.03.003

Li, Y., & Bartos, R. (2014). A survey of protocols for Intermittently Connected Delay-Tolerant Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 41, 411-423. doi:10.1016/j.jnca.2013.10.003

Hagen, M., Scruton, P., Noseworthy, R., Zarick, R., & Bartos, R. (2012). Testing challenges of data center bridging networks. IEEE Communications Magazine, 50(3), 140-145. doi:10.1109/MCOM.2012.6163594

Ma, K. J., Bartos, R., & Bhatia, S. (2011). A survey of schemes for Internet-based video delivery. Journal of Network and Computer Applications, 34(5), 1572-1586. doi:10.1016/j.jnca.2011.02.001

Ma, K. J., Bartos, R., Bhatia, S., & Nair, R. (2011). Mobile video delivery with HTTP. IEEE Communications Magazine, 49(4), 166-175. doi:10.1109/MCOM.2011.5741161

Ma, K. J., Li, M., Huang, A., & Bartos, R. (2011). Video Rate Adaptation in Mobile Devices via HTTP Progressive Download of Stitched Media Files. IEEE Communications Letters, 15(3), 320-322. doi:10.1109/LCOMM.2011.012511.102044

Bartos?, R., Chappell, S. G., Komerska, R. J., Haag, M. M., Mupparapu, S. S., Agu, E., & Katz, I. (2008). Development of routing protocols for the solar-powered autonomous underwater vehicle (SAUV) platform. Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing, 8(8), 1075-1088. doi:10.1002/wcm.655

Bhatia, S., & Bartos, R. (2006). Closed-form expression for the collision probability in the IEEE Ethernet Passive Optical Network registration scheme. Journal of Optical Networking, 5(1), 1. doi:10.1364/JON.5.000001

Fulton, S., Godsay, C., & Bartos, R. (2005). DOCSIS as a Foundation for Residential and Commercial Community Networking over Hybrid Fiber Coax. In BROADBAND SERVICES: BUSINESS MODELS AND TECHNOLOGIES FOR COMMUNITY NETWORKS (pp. 201-214). doi:10.1002/0470022515.ch13

Kannan, R., Bartos, R., Lee, K. Y., & Jordan, H. F. (1997). SXmin: a self-routing high-performance ATM packet switch based on group-knockout principle. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 45(6), 710-722. doi:10.1109/26.592614

Most Cited Publications