Wildcat Spotlight

Meet a Wildcat: Mechanical Engineering
Alex Mills is a senior mechanical engineering major here at the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Read more to learn about why he loves being a student in his department. 
Computer Science Master's Student Creates AI For an Online Card Game
Bryan McKenney is a computer science accelerated master's student. He recieved his undergraduate degree in computer science here at UNH, and his hometown is in Newmarket, NH.  1. Why did you choose UNH for a computer science graduate program? I chose to stay at UNH for my M.S. degree in computer...
Our Ph.D. Students are Paving the Way for the Future of Robotics
As a Ph.D. student in computer science studying robotics, Paul Gesel focuses on the role robots will play in the future of caregiving. 
Kathryn's UNH Day in the Life
Kathryn Carlson is a rising senior chemical engineering student here at UNH. Tag along with Kathryn in her day-in-the-life as a Process Validation intern at Lonza in Portsmouth, and learn about the contributions our students are making to the future of pharmaceuticals. 
Ph.D. Student Studies Soil Frost Using Ground Penetrating Radar from a Drone
Tim Hoheneder is a civil and environmental engineering Ph.D. student researching soil frost. He utilizes a UAS (drone) to measure how deep the soil frost is, which can control several hydrological and biological processes between the winter and spring seasons. 
Ph.D. Student Studying Surface Disinfection Following COVID-19
Castine Bernardy is a civil and environmental engineering Ph.D. student making an important impact on the surface UV and blue light disinfection industry. 
Ph.D. Student Hopes to Establish the Connection Between Interlayer Alignment and Electronic State
Olaiya Olokunboyo is a Ph.D. student studying condensed matter physics. His hometown is in Ayila, Ogunwaterside in Ogun State, Nigeria and he received a bachelor’s in physics from the University of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria. 1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?  Over time, I...
Ph.D. Student Researches Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Arctic
Cheristy Jones is a Ph.D. student studying natural resources and earth systems science. Her hometown is in Draper, Utah, and she received her BA in environmental science from Colorado College. 1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?
Ph.D. Student Mentoring Undergraduates as they Research Undersea Robotics
As an ocean engineering Ph.D. student, Hannah Arnholt's program prioritizes helping undergraduate students as they study unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV). 
Ph.D. Student Working with NASA to Send Small Sounding Rockets into Space
Diana Swanson is a physics and astronomy Ph.D. student studying instruments that measure wind and neutral densities. She works with NASA and their sounding rocket program to launch these instruments into space. 
Ph.D. Student Aims to Deepen our Understanding of Mathematical Structures
Sukitha Adappa is a Ph.D. student studying pure mathematics with a focus in operator theory. Adappa was raised in Sri Lanka and graduated from the University of Peradeniya with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics. 1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?   I chose UNH for my graduate...
Ph.D. Student Researching Small Organic Semiconductors
Qian Liu is a Ph.D. student studying chemistry with a focus in organic chemistry and materials science. His hometown is Xinyu City in China, and he graduated with a B.E. in pharmaceutical engineering from Changzhou University.  1. Why did you choose UNH for your graduate program?   As an R1...