Francois Foucart

Associate Professor
Phone: (603) 862-1962
Office: Physics, Demeritt Hall, Durham, NH 03824
Francois Foucart


  • Ph.D., Cornell University
  • M., Engineering, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • MENGR, Ecole Centrale Paris
  • MENGR, Universite libre de Bruxelles

Courses Taught

  • 601: Computational Physics Recit I
  • 711/811: Astrophysics II
  • 931: Mathematical Physics
  • 999: Doctoral Research
  • INCO 590: Rsrch Exp/Physics
  • MATH/PHYS 931: Mathematical Physics
  • PHYS 408: General Physics II
  • PHYS 601: Computational Physics Recit I
  • PHYS 764/864: General Relativity & Cosmology
  • PHYS 999: Doctoral Research

Selected Publications

Petrov, P., Singer, L. P., Coughlin, M. W., Kumar, V., Almualla, M., Anand, S., . . . Guessoum, N. (2022). Data-driven Expectations for Electromagnetic Counterpart Searches Based on LIGO/Virgo Public Alerts. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL, 924(2). doi:10.3847/1538-4357/ac366d

Foucart, F., Mosta, P., Ramirez, T., Wright, A. J., Darbha, S., & Kasen, D. (2021). Estimating outflow masses and velocities in merger simulations: Impact of r-process heating and neutrino cooling. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 104(12). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.104.123010

Chen, H. -Y., Vitale, S., & Foucart, F. (2021). The Relative Contribution to Heavy Metals Production from Binary Neutron Star Mergers and Neutron Star-Black Hole Mergers. ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL LETTERS, 920(1). doi:10.3847/2041-8213/ac26c6

Foucart, F., Chernoglazov, A., Boyle, M., Hinderer, T., Miller, M., Moxon, J., . . . Pfeiffer, H. P. (2021). High-accuracy waveforms for black hole-neutron star systems with spinning black holes. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 103(6). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.103.064007

Krüger, C. J., & Foucart, F. (n.d.). Erratum: Estimates for disk and ejecta masses produced in compact binary mergers [Phys. Rev. D
, 103002 (2020)]. Physical Review D, 102(8). doi:10.1103/physrevd.102.089901

Fernandez, R., Tchekhovskoy, A., Quataert, E., Foucart, F., & Kasen, D. (2019). Long-term GRMHD simulations of neutron star merger accretion discs: implications for electromagnetic counterparts. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 482(3), 3373-3393. doi:10.1093/mnras/sty2932

Hinderer, T., Taracchini, A., Foucart, F., Buonanno, A., Steinhoff, J., Duez, M., . . . Carpenter, C. W. (2016). Effects of Neutron-Star Dynamic Tides on Gravitational Waveforms within the Effective-One-Body Approach. PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 116(18). doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.181101

Foucart, F., Haas, R., Duez, M. D., O'Connor, E., Ott, C. D., Roberts, L., . . . Scheel, M. A. (2016). Low mass binary neutron star mergers: Gravitational waves and neutrino emission. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 93(4). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.93.044019

Foucart, F. (2012). Black-hole-neutron-star mergers: Disk mass predictions. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 86(12). doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.86.124007

Lai, D., Foucart, F., & Lin, D. N. C. (2011). Evolution of spin direction of accreting magnetic protostars and spin-orbit misalignment in exoplanetary systems. MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY, 412(4), 2790-2798. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2010.18127.x

Most Cited Publications