Genomics studies are helping to reveal how bacteria and archaea influence one of Earth’s largest carbon stores as it begins to thaw.
We remember George Galanes, a wonderful friend to the chemistry department. His generous giving has enabled many students to complete and enhance their studies. Read about his life and legacy here: 
Each year the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) Career and Professional Success (CaPS) team puts together a pictoral glimpse of the First Destination Survey results. Here are the results from the Chemistry Class of 2020, a particularly difficult year that still saw students thrive...
First generation college student settles in at UNH
Mechanical engineering's Oscany Rodriguez DeJesus '21 transfered from Manchester Community College and got plenty of hands-on experience through the John Olson Advanced Manufacturing Center.
UNH graduate named Young Engineer of the Year
Chemical Principles for Engineers
Students in the Fall 2020 semester of Chem 405, Chemical Principles for Engineers, researched how chemistry is applied in engineering or is present in challenges that require engineering, and then communicated their findings in both poster and oral presentations.  Given the many prospective...
The Influence of Tidal Forces Extends to the Arctic’s Deep Sea
The Moon’s gravitational pull creates the tides, but its influence extends hundreds of meters below the sea surface too, influencing sensitive methane seeps in the seabed.
Ali Asghar '20 looks to renewables
There are times in the Pakistani neighborhood where Ali Asghar ’20 grew up that the electricity still goes out for hours; sometimes, half the day. It is estimated that some 50 million people across the country don’t have access to the energy grid. If all goes according to plan, Asghar could be part...
Professor Jiadong Zang
In the early stages of his career, assistant professor of physics and materials science Jiadong Zang is making waves.For his research prowess, Zang was recently selected as the 2020 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Young Scientist Prize in the field of magnetism.
Assistant Professor Tracy Mandel
awarded Lorenz G. Straub Award for most meritorious PhD thesis in hydraulic engineering, ecohydraulics, or related fields.
“Rate of mass loss from the Greenland Ice Sheet will exceed Holocene values this century"
An interdisciplinary team of scientists used reconstructions of climate & former ice sheet extent to model the past, present, & future of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Future ice loss will be more extreme than any time in the past 12,000 years unless global carbon emissions are curbed.  
Named Chair the U.S. National Committee for the Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development
The National Academies is introducing a national committee that will serve as the voice of the U.S. scientific community during the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which will run from 2021 to 2030. The U.S. National Committee for the Decade is comprised of the experts who...